Archive / Papers / Shoosmith Papers: Box 3


Newspaper cuttings:

  1. a.& b. ‘The Many Wonders of New Delhi’, article by Mrs. Shoosmith (M.C. Shoosmith) in The Pioneer, Monday, 23 December 1929. (2 copies).
  2. ‘Marvels of New Delhi, a sight-seeing trip round ‘Lutyens’ city’. The Statesman, Sunday, 8 February 1931.
  3. ‘The Miracle of New Delhi: how a mammoth task was accomplished’. (Two small articles on Sir Herbert Baker and Sir Alexander Rouse). The Statesman, Sunday, 8 February 1931.
  4. The Architectural Review, Vol. LXIX No.410, January 1931. Entirely on New Delhi.
  5. The Times Weekly Edition, 29 June 1933. Photographs: Delhi Ancient and Modern in India’s Capital.
  6. Country Life, 11 September 1926. Article on ‘Government House, Delhi’ by Christopher Hussey. 4pp.
  7. Country Life. 9 May 1931. Article: ‘Recent Architecture’ by Christopher Hussey, includes comment on New Delhi.
  8. Country Life Summer Number, 6 June 1931. Editorial on New Delhi. Article on New Delhi by Robert Byron: I. ‘The Architecture of New Delhi’.
  9. Country Life 13 June 1931. Article: New Delhi II. ‘The Interior of the Viceroy’s House’, by Robert Byron.
  10. Country Life, 20 June 1931. Articles: ‘What I think of modern architecture’ by Sir Edwin Lutyens. New Delhi. III. ‘The Decoration of the Viceroy’s House’ by Robert Byron.
  11. Country Life, 27 June 1931. Article: New Delhi IV. ‘The setting of the Viceroy’s House’, by Robert Byron.
  12. Country Life, 4 July 1931. Article: New Delhi V. ‘The architecture of Sir Herbert Baker’ by Robert Byron.
  13. Country Life, 25 July 1931. Article: ‘Craftsmanship in the Viceroy’s House, New Delhi’, By A.S.O.
  14. Country Life, 12 December 1931. Articles: (a)’A Tudor House adapted for Today: Legh Manor near Cuckfield, Sussex’: with alterations by Sir Edwin Lutyens, R.A. (b)”Modern electric light fittings”. Illustrations: Fittings in Viceroy’s House, New Delhi, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.
  15. Country Life, 12 January 1967. Articles: ‘Early treatment of Country Houses’, by Christopher Hussey, including photographs and comment on Lutyens’ work. ‘Portrait of a perfectionist: Edward Hudson the founder of Country Life’ including comment on Lutyens.
  16. Mrs A.G. Shoosmith’s writings, also under her maiden name, M.C. Reid. Xerox copy of poems written about childhood in India and a Diary of a trek from the Liddar Valley to the Sind valley (Kashmir) 62pp. n.d.