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  • Martyn, W.L.D. Papers: Box 1
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    William Lawrence Docton Martyn Given by P.D. Martyn Punjab, Bengal, Assam 1927-1947 Assistant executive engineer, North Western Railway, Lahore 1927. Worked on several projects in various capacities, i.e. Empress Bridge […]
  • MacNabb of MacNab Papers
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    A.C. Macnabb of Macnab, I.C.S. Given by Mrs. Macnabb of Macnab Senior India General 1790-1886; Punjab, 1911-1948 Nepal, Pakistan Memoir: ‘Unto the third and fourth generation: an episode in Indian […]
  • MacLagan Papers
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    Microfilm Nos. 46 a, b and c General Robert E Maclagan (1820-1894) was educated at Edinburgh Academy and Addiscombe. He entered the East India Company’s Army (Bengal Engineers) in 1839. […]
  • Hudson, H.B. Papers
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    Twenty-nine Survey of India Maps. (listed by Sheet No. Date Place Scale): 38 0/2 1937 Kohat District and Tribal Territory 1 in.= 1 mile 38 0 1929 Kohat 1 in.= […]
  • Goodman Papers: Box 1
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    Screw leather folder of duplicated tables, entitled ‘Tabelle Belle perdite de Carico per turbazioni con diversi gradi di scabrezza calcolate con la formula “Bazin-Fantoli”” . Analysis of 1929 and 1942 […]
  • Fyson Papers
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    Small Collections Box 10 Memoir ‘Lucky Child’ covering Miss Fyson’s childhood in India. Marjory Fyson was the second daughter of Hugh and Margaret Fyson. She was born in 1910 in […]
  • Frost Papers
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    Given by Miss T. Frost. Box 1 Three Reader Primers in Urdu. Teach yourself Urdu in two months by Professor Aziz-ur-Rahman, published by Azizis Oriental Book Depot, Karachi. Pamphlet: The Indian Demand […]
  • Barry Papers
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    Given by C.H. Barry. Mr Barry joined the Punjab Educational Service in 1932 and was Principal of Aitchison College, Lahore between 1933 and 1946. Unmarked file containing official papers relating […]
  • Anonymous Collection 3
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    Small Collections Box 1 Aitchison College, Lahore. Prospectus 1967 (Air Mail Edition). 1 file.
  • Burtt Collection – Film 8
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    B&W. 2:03min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Child playing in garden with pets.