Archive / Papers / Martyn, W.L.D. Papers: Box 1


William Lawrence Docton Martyn

Given by P.D. Martyn

Punjab, Bengal, Assam 1927-1947

Assistant executive engineer, North Western Railway, Lahore 1927.

Worked on several projects in various capacities, i.e. Empress Bridge at Adamwahan 1929-30: Bombay Sind Railway Survey 1930: Became Engineer-in-Chef for Surveys in 1946. He left India in 1947.

Envelope I

  1. Identity Card – 9 October 1944
  2. Menu for Thanksgiving Day – Allianz Officers’ Mess – 27 November 1947.
  3. Dinner Plan at Government House – 11 April 1940
  4. Private Pilot’s Licence – 17 February 1938, Lahore.
  5. Shooting Licence issued 23 January 1946.
  6. Licence for the possession of Arms and Ammunition issued 11 July 1929.
  7. Curfew Pass issued 17 May 1947.
  8. Articles of Association and Bye-Laws of the Punjab Club, Lahore. Printed June 1943.
  9. Sind Club Rules and Bye-Laws 1943 also including letter informing him of his election to the Club.
  10. Shooting Licence (Punjab Government) issued January 6, 1940.
  11. Postcard from Office of the High Commissioner for India, London, to Martyn informing him that censorship is not now necessary. 31 August 1945
  12. A pass for Martyn allowing him, with trolly and trollymen to inspect all works on all bridges of the B. and A. Railway.
  13. Concessions on Overseas Railways to Employees of Indian Railways (Pamphlet) 1 March 1937
  14. Personal Account Book – 1935.

Envelope 2

  1. Thirteen letters re his train journey from India to London. Requesting passes and concession fares from the French, Iraqi Belgian, German, Turkish, Austrian and Yugoslavian Railways – their replies January-March 1938. Also a letter (duplicate copy) from Martyn to the Bombay Collector of Customs requesting a customs clearance certificate for his double-barrelled gun, 12 bore. 22 February 1938.
  2. Eight passes and vouchers for rail journey from above countries. 1938.
  3. Letter from Office of the High Commissioner for India certifying that Martyn is proceeding to India in the national interest. London, 29 August 1945.
  4. From Major Sen certifying that Martyn has been inoculated for cholera. Saidpur 8 May 1945.
  5. As above for Smallpox. Saidpur 21 April 1945.
  6. Letter of credence from General Manager of N.W. Railway, C.H. Plank (and duplicate). Lahore 21 July 1947.
  7. Certificate of vaccination against Smallpox, 1 April 1938.

Folder I

Letters relating to the Punjab and Frontier Association of European Government Servants (P.A.E.G.S.) and the All India Association of European Government Services (A.I.A.E.G.S.). Mostly their attempt to redress the differences of treatment between the Civil Services and Defence Services and the remaining Civil Services.

  1. Letter to Martyn from General Manager of N.W. Railway, Lahore, August 1947, saying that officers from the Secretary of State’s Services who may quit service before 15 August 1947 and return to England will be reimbursed for their transport and travel. Also two notes from Martyn to T.A.W. Foy 3pp.
  2. Letter from T.A.W. Foy, President of the A.I.A.E.G.S. to Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, K.C., M.P., 8 August 1947, Lahore, asking for additional pensions and contributory provident funds to be sanctioned to all officers of the Civil Services and equal to 50% of the last pay drawn while in service. 2pp.
  3. Two copies of the Comparison of total annual incomes of European, Pensionable and non-pensionable officers of the I.S.E. and I.R.S.E.
  4. Memorandum from Martyn to S.E. Abbott, Secretary to Government of the Punjab, Lahore, 11 August 1947, on the Increased Pensions and Provident Funds – Representation in England.
  5. Lay out of table referred to in No.3.
  6. Memo on Non-pensionable Secretary of State’s Officers – compensation. 18 June 1947.
  7. Letter from A.G. Hall, President of P.A.E.G.S. to the Secretary of State for India, 18 June 1947, detailed memo on above subject. 4pp.
  8. Memo on above signed by Martyn. Their requests through the Central I.C.S. Association and Lord Hailey have been rejected.
  9. Memorandum of Association.
  10. Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the P.A.E.G.S. July 31, 1947. Punjab Club, Lahore. 2pp.
  11. Letter from A.G. Hall, President of the A.I.A.E.G.S. to the Secretary of State for India, 17 June 1947, Lahore, drawing his attention to the need for increased pensions. 4pp.
  12. Memo on the P.A.E.G.S. from Martyn, 11 August 1947 to R.T.W. Goodman with various instructions.
  13. Copy of letter from Martyn to the Secretary to the Government of India, Delhi, May 27 1947, Lahore, requesting his attention to the scales of compensation and protesting against the dissimilarity of treatment between the Indian Civil Services and the Defence Services on the one hand, and the remaining Civil Services on the other. 2pp.
  14. Copy of letter from Hon. Secretary of A.I.A.E.G.S. to C.F.U. Williams, C.I.E., I.C.S., Secretary Governor-General (Public) Delhi, 21 May 1947, Lahore, regarding a. previous interview and a. memo on it.
  15. Letter to the Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, K.C., M.P., from Sir Frank Anderson of the A.I.A.E.G.S., Edinburgh, 3 October 1947, requesting that Martyn be granted an interview.
  16. Rules of the Indian Government Officers (Retired) Association. 5pp.
  17. Two letters from Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, to Martyn, 10 March 1950 and 8 March 1950. Statement of account of the P.A.E.G.S. September 1940 – March 1950. Letter to Martyn from Hon. Secretary of P.A.E.G.S. and minutes of P.A.E.G.S. meeting, 9 January 1950, Moghalpura. 5pp.
  18. Letter from General Manager of N.W. Railway to (a) The Railway Department (India), and (b)The Railway Department (Pakistan) 7 August 1947, Lahore. Attached – a copy of a Home Department’s circular and letter 4 August 1947, addressed to all departments of the Central Government saying that all officers quitting service owing to the present constitutional changes should be reimbursed for their travel and transportation of personal effects. 2pp.
  19. Copy of two telegrams from Homex 17 July 1947 and 27 July 1947 giving permission to officers of Secretary of State’s Services who are not desirous of. continuing in service after 15 August to leave India.
  20. Minutes of the 7th (1947) meeting of the Council of the P.A.E.G.S. and the Managing Committee of the A.I.A.E.G.S. Punjab Club, Lahore, July 8, 1947. 4pp
  21. Memorandum 10 December 1946 by the A.I.A.E.G.S. for the consideration of H.M. Secretary of State for India with reference to increase of Retired Pay and Contributory Provident Funds. 2pp.
  22. Memorandum 1 May 1946, by representatives of the British Members of the Uncovenanted Civil Services in India appointed by the Secretary of State for India, on the terms given to European Government Servants in the event of constitutional changes in India.
  23. Appendix I. Showing and explaining the method by which the figures have been arrived at – of the compensations due to the India Services of Engineers. A detailed report.
  24. Appendix II. Compensation due to non-pensionable officers.
  25. Appendix III. Existing and Accruing Rights of Members of the Services.
  26. Appendix IV. Protection of officers against claims for damages in the Civil Courts in respect of acts committed by them in their official capacity.
  27. Two copies of letter 18 June 1947, from the Joint Secretary, Government of India to the Chief Secretaries in all Provincial Governments, asking for the decisions of all officers as to whether they wish to: 1. quit service, 2. quit service but remain for some time after August 1947, 3. continue in service of Government but ask for a transfer to a different Province. 4pp.
  28. Statement showing calculation of compensation due to I.S.E. officers who are forced by Government to retire before the normal retiring age of 55. 7pp.
  29. Letter from S.E. Abbott, to Martyn, 2 May 1947, Lahore, about Statement of conditions to be applied to officers of the Secretary of State’s Services, who obtain permanent pensionable employment in a Civil Service under His Majesty’s Government. (Enclosed).
  30. Memorandum from Government of India, Finance Department, on the liability to tax in the U.K. of Officers intending to retire and take up permanent residence there.
  31. From N.D. Gulhati, Hon. Secretary, Civil Engineers Association, India and Burma to the Secretary, Government of India, Home Department, 4 November 1946, on the compensation for loss of career – Included are three statements with explanatory notes.7pp.
  32. From the Hon. Secretary of the N.W.P. I.R.S.E. Officers Association, Lahore to the Secretary, Central Pay Commission, Delhi, 14 September 1946. A memorandum on the pay and allowances which should be introduced for all Central Government officers of “Class 1” Services. 14pp
  33. From B.R. Tandan, Finance Secretary to Government Punjab, to all heads of Departments and High Court, Commissioners of Divisions, District and Sessions Judges and Deputy Commissioners in the Punjab, 26 December 1945, on the revision of scale of pay of Provincial Services. 4pp.

Folder 2

This folder contains various papers on some of the Railways’ Post War Programme, the north west region, including the Bengal and Assam railway and the project to lay a line to serve the Bhakra Dam.

  1. Papers concerned with The Post War Programme relating to Surveys and Construction involving 20 stretches of rail, 1946. 12pp.
  2. North Western Railway. Organisation of Surveys and Constructions Branch, 4 March 1946. 6pp.
  3. Papers on the Brake Power of Goods Trains. 6pp
  4. Papers on Headquarters Office, Projects and Design Branch – the design of masonry work for bridges. Loads on ruling grades with Diesel Electric Locomotives, 1946. 8pp.
  5. Explanatory memo on Dr. Uppal’s note on Rann of Cutch Hydrology by M. Blench, I.S.E., Director of Irrigation Research, Punjab, Lahore, July 1947. The memo itself by Dr. Uppal, M.Sc., Ph.D., Deputy Director, Irrigation Research Institute, Punjab, with photographs. 27pp.
  6. Post War Constructions: Surveys – Field notes. 15 pp.
  7. Handwritten note on piers.
  8. An authorisation allowing Martyn to conduct a survey of the Badin – Viramgam route.
  9. Bombay – Sind Connection Railway Survey – a report. 10pp.
  10. Bombay – Sind connection. Alternative Deesa – Palanpur route. 5pp.
  11. Extract from Sir R.R. Gale’s report on. Bombay – Sind connection Railway Survey pps. 30-33. 7pp.
  12. Extract pages 27-35 from Sir R.R. Gale’s report of 1907 of reconnaissance of the Northern and Cutch routes of the proposed Bombay – Sind connection railway and decision regarding the alignment of the line. 21 pp.
  13. A report on this survey. 19pp.
  14. Comments on A. Rowlance’s report 2pp.
  15. A notification for lard required for the Tando Mohammed Khan to Moghalbin Railway. 2pp.
  16. Schedule of Powers of the Engineer-in-Chief, Surveys. 1945. 3pp.
  17. A memo from the General Manager (Surveys and Construction) Lahore to the Political Agent, Kalat at Sibi. February 1946, on the Karachi – Quetta reconnaissance.
  18. Several papers relating to the Bengal and Assam Railway. 34pp.
  19. Post War Programme. Bombay – Sind survey. Earth-excavating machinery.
  20. Proposed Railway line to serve the Bhakra Dam Project, and other related papers.