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William Lawrence Docton Martyn

Given by P.D. Martyn

Punjab, Bengal, Assam 1927-1947

Assistant executive engineer, North Western Railway, Lahore 1927.

Worked on several projects in various capacities, i.e. Empress Bridge at Adamwahan 1929-30: Bombay Sind Railway Survey 1930: Became Engineer-in-Chef for Surveys in 1946. He left India in 1947.

Books and Reports

  1. Rules for the Preparation of Railway Projects: Revised 1926. Issued by the Government of India Railway Department.
  2. North Western Railway Statistical Record 1928-39 and 1943-44.
  3. North Western Railway Table of Goods Rates per maund. From 10 to 2,000 miles. In force from April 1 1936.
  4. Technical Paper. No. 208. Notes on Railway Surveys by Lt. Col. G.R. Hearn, D.S.O., R.E., 1920.
  5. Indian Railway Standard Codes of Practice and Bridge Rules.
  6. River Training and Control on the Guide Bank System by Mr. Francis J.E. Spring, C.I.E. 1935.
  7. North Western Railway. Report and Detailed Estimate of the Rupa-Talaura Railway, 1946: