Archive / Papers / Martyn, W.L.D. Papers: Box 3


  1. Watson on the reconstruction of the Empress Bridge over the river Sutlej on the N.W. Railway. Macrae on training works in connection with the shortening of the Empress Bridge over the Sutlej river 1935.
  2. Proceedings of the Punjab Engineering Congress 1946. Volume XXXIV.
  3. Copy of a page reproduced from the Pakistan Times 15 March 1947 headed ‘Anatomy of Aggression in the Punjab’ with quotations from the Khan Mamdot, Ghazanfar Ali Khan and others in one column and from Master Tara Singh, Giani Kartar Singh, Dr. Gopi Chand, Krishan Gopal Datt and others on the other column. And an earnest appeal from the editors to their readers to devise ways and means to ensure peace and tranquillity in the Province.