Archive / Papers / Darling, Sir M.L. Papers: Box 5


Papers of Sir Malcolm Lyall Darling, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1904; Tutor and Guardian to His Highness the Raja of Dewas 1907; Financial Commissioner, Punjab 1936.

Personal letters from Malcolm Darling to his mother Millicent (MMD), describing his voyage out to India in 1904, early experiences in the country and his return to the UK for his first period of home leave, 1911:

  1. Letters from MLD to MMD: voyage out to India; Lahore. 1904-1906
  2. Letters from MLD to MMD: Rajanpur, 1906
  3. Letters from MLD to MMD: Travel to England, home leave; return to India; Punjab. 1908-1911