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  • Stanton-Ife Papers
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    Given by Mr. D.W. Stanton-Ife, I.C.S. Bihar and Orissa 1938-1947, E. Pakistan 1947-1957 Autobiographical note. MS 11pp and curriculum vitae. Comments on the British Government politics and economics during his […]
  • Ross-Hurst Papers
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    Lt. Col. K.W. Ross-Hurst TS articles, xeroxed, written after secondment from his regiment for employment by the Director of Intelligence, Government of India, as officer on special duty (intelligence, Waziristan) […]
  • Goddard, Maj. J. Papers
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    Small Collections Box 11 Given by Major John Goddard Originally in the possession of Captain S.G.M. Hickey A.V.C. 3rd Afghan War, 1919: Copies of Daily intelligence summaries Nos. 1-5 from […]