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  • Sweet Papers
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    Small Collections Box 22 Mrs. May Sweet Given by The Revd. J.P.M. Sweet, grandson of May Sweet. Shillong, Assam: 1897 Xeroxed copy of a letter from May Sweet to her […]
  • Engledow Papers: Box 2
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    Confidential papers copied from the Indian Tea Association (London) to members of the General Committee and the London Advisory Committee (of the I.T.A.) 6 November 1954. Typed papers connected with […]
  • Interview: Sri S.R. Tuladhar
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  • Berridge Collection – Film 4
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    B&W. 9:43min. Lahore, Chaman, Punjab; Quetta, Balochistan, India (Pakistan); Agra, United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), India. 1930-35. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1930 – Muharram procession in Lahore bazaar. Agra: scenes […]