Archive / Papers / Engledow Papers: Box 2


  1. Confidential papers copied from the Indian Tea Association (London) to members of the General Committee and the London Advisory Committee (of the I.T.A.) 6 November 1954.
  2. Typed papers connected with the 1961-63 Report on Assam and Malaya:
    • List of names of individuals met during the Commission’s tour.
    • Programme of tour.
    • Photographs:
      • (a) Presentation of Certificates by Sir Frank Engledow at Ayer Pa’abas, Malacca, 25 March 1961.
      • (b-e) Tour Photographs of Sir Frank Engledow watching demonstration of rubber tapping.
    • Map of Rubber Research Institute Experimental Station, Sungei Buloha, Malaya.
    • Notes made for Sir Frank Engledow on breeding and selection at the Rubber Research Institute, Malaya. 6 March 1961. 6pp.
    • Letter and other relevant papers, from Sir Geoffrey Clay, Controller of Rubber Research, Malaya to Sir Frank Engledow about the economics of capital investment as between national rubbers and synthetic rubbers. 14 March 1961. 6pp.
    • Details of main experiments from the Soils Division, being carried out on Hevea at the R.R.I.M. 17 March 1961. 6pp.
    • Copy of a letter from Sir Geoffrey Clay to Dr. C.C. Webster relating to the discussions between Sir Frank Engledow and the Soils Division of R.R.I.M. 21 March 1961. 2pp.
    • Sir Frank’s notes for talk to R.R.I.M. Board, 22 February 1962. 2pp.
    • Humorous Christmas card from the R.R.I.M.
    • TS account of a visit to the R.R.I.M. by four members of the C.A.C., and relevant papers. 8pp.
    • Programme of visit of members of the C.A.C. 23 February 1962, issued by Smallholders Advisory Service, Kuala Lumpur together with a note on the Ulu Langat Cooperative Rubber Marketing Society. A note on Sg. Tekali Land Development Scheme. A note on Group Processing Centres visited on 23 February 1962. 6pp.
    • Letter from C.W. Brookson, Acting Deputy Director R.R.I.M. to Sir Frank Engledow, 23 January 1962. Preliminary arrangements for the visit together with notes on breeding and selection at the R.R.I.M. 8pp.
    • Correspondence between C.W. Brookson and Sir Frank Engledow on 9, 17, 18 January 1962 on further arrangements together with notes of a meeting held with the Controller of Rubber Research and a list of subjects for discussion prepared by Dr. Michaux.
    • Correspondence between Sir Frank Engledow and H.M. Burkhill, Botanic Gardens, Singapore on the number of successful clones raised by the R.R.I.M. etc. 27 November – 19 December 1961. 5pp.
    • Correspondence between Sir Frank Engledow and M. Pierre Michaux on a paper by R.E. Constock et al 7-18 November 1961. 11pp.
    • Letters from W.E. Cake and M. Pierre Michaux to Sir Frank Engledow on cloning – 13 November, 11 December 1961. 5pp.
    • Confidential note of an informal meeting of members of the Rubber Producers’ Council and the Malayan Rubber Fund Board etc. 28 February 1962. 3pp.
    • Confidential typescript notes on the Rubber Research Institute of Malaya (excluding the Chemical Division) by Professor Sir Frank Engledow. Written in Cambridge, April 1961. 10pp.
  3. Notes on Rubber. 2 files.
    • Report of Advisory Committee of Enquiring into Production, Development and Consumption Research in the National Rubber Industry. 9 pp.1951 notes on Thirty Years of Research in the Far East by M.J. Dijkman, Assistant Professor of Tropical Botany, University of Miami. 19 pp.
    • 1960 text of talk given to Rotary Clubs of Singapore. Printed in Family Forum, a periodical of the British Army in Singapore. 4 pp.
    • Extract from Manual of Rubber Planting concerning tapping. 2 pp.
    • Miscellaneous notes on Rubber with index, glossary and numerical data. 47 pp.
  4. Envelope containing:
    • Newscutting on Assam earthquake.
    • Pamphlet on Colombo issued by P and 0 Agents.
    • Map of Northeast India showing tea areas and tribal areas.
    • Map of India and adjacent countries by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. No. S.D.O. 112.
    • Map showing E.B. Railway.
    • Map of N.W.F.P. by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. Ref. No. 38L.
    • Map of Afghanistan, Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. No. 38H.
    • Military Traffic Map of India by Survey of India Office. Calcutta. No. S.D.O. 1504, 1916.
    • 1935 Map of India showing railways by Survey of India Office, Calcutta.
    • Map of India, Burma and Ceylon. Bartholomew’s World Layered Series