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B&W. 9:43min. Lahore, Chaman, Punjab; Quetta, Balochistan, India (Pakistan); Agra, United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), India. 1930-35. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1930 – Muharram procession in Lahore bazaar. Agra: scenes at Fatepur Sikri. Well irrigation. Agra: views of the Taj Mahal; men sawing stone for repairing inlay. Baluchistan: camel train up the valley of the river Nari, parallel to the Sind Peshin Section/Kandahar State Railway. Chaman: grapes packed in kiltas (baskets and hay) are being loaded onto train. Quetta. 1934. Underground irrigation system (karaze) for a fruit farm. Quetta. 1935. Rescue teams searching for bodies after massive earthquake (31 May); the damaged Railway Institute and the house of the Agent to the Governor General. Near Quetta, farming scenes. The Bolan Pass: camel train and a party of Brahuis leaving behind the hot plains. (film with captions)


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