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B&W/Colour. 6:32min. Bhatinda; Jallo, India (Pakistan). Simla (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh), India. 1936-38. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge Colour. Bhatinda; Jallo, India (Pakistan). 1936. Regirdering a 40ft long bridge over a canal near Bhatinda under the supervision of Mangal Sain, the bridge inspector: fish-plates are unbolted; rails are pulled off the bridge; bridge-timbers are removed. B&W. Simla (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh), India. 1936. Arrival of two rail-motors of the 2ft 6in gauge Kalka-Simla Railway over a narrow gauge scissors crossing. B&W. Jallo, India (Pakistan). 1938. An Up 67 parcels express crash at Jallo. A 75-ton breakdown crane arrives from Lahore to disentangle the wreckage. Jock Mackinnon, deputy manager of North Western Railways, and Arthur Sims, chief engineer, examine the damage.


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