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B&W/Colour. 7min. Chaman; Quetta, India (Pakistan). 1934-1943. Film made by P.S.A. Berridge. 1934: The Mushkaf Bolan railway to Quetta and then to Chaman (Afgan border). An HG/S 2-8-0 engine on the Bolan line; passing through some of the Mushkaf tuneels; a Down train leaves Panir tunnel; entering by train the Khojak tunnel and emerging on the Chaman side. 1943: The recovery of 155ft long girders from Kachh High Bridge and the Louise Margaret Bridge in Chappar Rift (Pakistan). Bridge girders are dismantled under the supervision of the bridge inspector, Harnam Singh. Chief engineer of the North West Railway, Arthur Sims, and the deputy chief engineer of bridges, Stanley Johnson, watch the dismantling of the bridge.


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