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Railways Board of India. Technical papers covering many areas of India and very many aspects of railway design, including subjects as diverse as foundations, tracks, bridges, inclines, curvature, signalling, safety, etc., and construction, wear, creep, costs, etc. often relevant specifically to Indian railways but also in many cases applicable to railway engineering generally.

  • No. 219, Technical education in relation to railways in America
  • No. 220, Steam versus electric locomotives for heavy grades
  • No. 221, Further notes on steam versus electric traction
  • No. 222, American railway motive power department and fuel organisations
  • No. 223, Minor equipment of locomotive repair shops
  • No. 226, Track stresses
  • No. 229, Indian standard locomotives (5′ 6″ gauge)
  • No. 230, Notes on the creosoting of railway sleepers and timbers in England
  • No. 231, Antiseptic treatment of sleepers in India
  • No. 232, Factors in the location and layout of locomotive repair shops
  • No. 235, Notes on the bridge rules of 1923
  • No. 236, Notes on the “standard dimensions” of Indian railways
  • No. 237, Notes on the working of steel foundries in Great Britain
  • No. 256, [Not in order] Notes on the preparation of railway projects
  • No. 316, [Not in order] Curve realignment on the East Indian railway