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Railways Board of India. Technical papers covering many areas of India and very many aspects of railway design, including subjects as diverse as foundations, tracks, bridges, inclines, curvature, signalling, safety, etc., and construction, wear, creep, costs, etc. often relevant specifically to Indian railways but also in many cases applicable to railway engineering generally.

  • No. 161, Arrangement of station yards at roadside stations
  • No. 162, Notes on electric and electro-pneumatic signalling
  • No. 163, Report on the working expenses of mountain railways in Europe
  • No. 167, Notes on European architecture in India
  • No. 168, A rational section for rail heads and tyres
  • No. 172, Report on conversion of metre gauge to 5′ 6″ gauge, Eastern section, Sind-Sagar railway (N.-W.Ry)
  • No. 173, The restoration of dangerously crystalline steel by heat treatment
  • No. 176, The design of “section” station yards
  • No. 178, Inflow of water into wells in the Punjab
  • No. 179, Slips at Mudgorge on the Sind-Peshin railway during 1889-93
  • No. 182, Slips in cuttings and embankments of railways
  • No. 184, Comparative cost of fast and slow freight service
  • No. 191, Ferro-concrete in India
    • Composition of concrete and permissible intensities of stress
    • Design for a 40ft. railway girder bridge
    • Description of ferro-concrete works executed by the public works department
  • No. 193, Oil fuel trials on the North Western railway of India, 1913-1916
  • No. 194, Note on various types of extensometers for testing bridge girders
  • No. 196, Report on the best process and plant for treating railway sleepers, plus –
  • Supplement to No. 196; Drawings giving details of the process and plant for creosoting sleepers
  • No. 197, Ruling gradients and the minor details of alignment
  • No. 199, Impact on bridges