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Railways Board of India. Technical papers covering many areas of India and very many aspects of railway design, including subjects as diverse as foundations, tracks, bridges, inclines, curvature, signalling, safety, etc., and construction, wear, creep, costs, etc. often relevant specifically to Indian railways but also in many cases applicable to railway engineering generally.

  • No. 200, Note on the manufacture and use of cement concrete blocks for lining large liquid fuel reservoirs on the North Western railway
  • No. 201, Notes on locomotive design in relation to gradients and curves
  • No. 202, Note on locomotive design as it affects the bridge engineer
  • No. 203, Notes on cast iron sleepers
  • No. 204, Possibilities of steam railway electrification
  • No. 205, Renewal of girders on the Kiul bridge, East Indian railway – not on the method of erection
  • No. 206, Train resistances for various gauges, rail sections, track conditions, and types of rolling stock
  • No. 207, New Hump marshalling yard at Feltham, London and South Western railway
  • No. 208, Notes on railway surveys, with supplementary notes on railway surveys in Bengal
  • No. 209, Control of railway traffic by telephone
    • methods adopted on the Great Indian Peninsular railway
    • methods adopted in England
  • No. 210, Notes on motor traction and road railways including the Stronach-Dutton system
  • No. 212, Some aspects of the gauge question
  • No. 213, A substitute for track circuit between stations, with supplementary notes on other expedients for preventing a driver entering a block section without authority
  • No. 214, Motorizing railway terminals
  • No. 215, The Hardinge bridge over the Lower Ganges at Sara, with supplementary notes on the original project
  • No. 216, The stability of hill slopes
  • No. 217, Notes on concrete railway sleepers, (including Rendel, Palmer and Tritton’s Experimental sleeper, Stent’s patent concrete sleeper, and Green’s patent “G.M.” reinforced concrete sleeper
  • No. 218, Wheel dimensions and crossing clearances for the four gauges