Archive / Papers / Mackrell Papers: Box 3


Papers and notes from Dennis Segal about the evacuation and general information of Burma.

Folder 1

  • Report given by the Indian Tea Association on the assistance given by the Indian Tea Association, 14th April 1942.
  • General notes on tea planting in Assam.
  • Notes about the Indian Tea Association.
  • Notes from the Indian Tea Association report on the evacuation of troops and Gurkhas from Burma via the Pangsau route.
  • Extract from the report of the Indian Tea Association.
  • Administration report from the Manipur State, 1931-1932.
  • An extract from ‘Below the Naga Hills’.
  • Notes about Tulloch.
  • Map of North-West Burma.
  • Notes about the Naga Tribes- Headhunting and human sacrifice.

Folder 2

  • A news article about the tea planters help to Burma Refugees.
  • Four maps of Burma and Assam.
  • A sketch map showing tribes on the North-East frontier.
  • A map of the Dibru-Sadiya 1939.
  • A sketch map of the land route to Manipur.
  • A map of the route from Margherita to Tagapga.
  • An article about the Indian Police Services.
  • Race and resistance in Burma, 1942-1945.
  • an extract from the Tales of Burma by Richard Diran.
  • The uncommon misery, the 1944-45 campaign.
  • An article about Richard Rubinstein.
  • An article about the special forces in Burma in World War 2.

Folder 3

  • 24 notebooks from Dennis Segal about the Burma Evacuation.