Archive / Papers / Mackrell Papers: Box 1


Letters and diary entries from Sir John Rowland and his party as they evacuated Burma into Assam; letters and diaries of Alasdair Tainsh.

Folder 1

  • Diary of Sir John Rowland kept during the evacuation.
  • Letters from Rowland, dated August 13th 1942.
  • Notes from the memoirs of E.I.Milne.
  • The attitude of the Burmese People in the recent campaign written by Rowland.
  • News articles about Rowland’s Party and the evacuation from Burma.
  • Extract of Millar’s Diary
  • Summary of Millar’s Diary
  • Extracts from Gardiner’s Diary
  • List of the Rossiter Family
  • Letter from Edward Rossiter, 30th October 1942

Folder 2

  • Keeping fit in the jungle, by Alasdair Tainsh, January 1943
  • Diary of A. Tainsh
  • Extracts from ‘And some fell by the wayside’ by Tainsh.
  • Extracts from ‘The Mould Connection’ by Tainsh.
  • The peasant approach to the fungal problem and current medical research by Tainsh.
  • News article about Tainsh

Folder 3 – Information about Thomson and Lindop who worked closely with Tainsh on the Pangsau pass.

  • Copy of a letter from from Lindop on the 30th of January 1943.
  • Letter from Lindop to Leach, 28th March 1946.
  • Letter to Leach from C.F.B Pearce.
  • Lindop’s obituary.
  • Lindop’s death certificate.
  • Letter about Thomson.
  • Extract of letter from Elsie Thomson (R Thomson’s wife), 9th of February 1943
  • Notes about awards received by Thomson
  • Letter extracts between Thomson and Humble.
  • Elsie Thomson’s death certificate
  • Death certificate of Ronald Thomson
  • Notes from the Thomson’s obituary
  • Letters about Thomson’s death.
  • Twelve letters from Barlow to his wife.
  • Extract from memoirs of W.H.D Newton.