Archive / Papers / Mackrell Papers: Box 2


Papers relating to Gyles Mackrell, a tea planter in Assam during the evacuation of Burma; papers about Lambert and his work during the evacuation of Burma.

Folder 1 –

  • Extract from British relations with the hill tribes of Assam since 1858
  • Photo of Gyles Mackrell and F.C. Williams
  • Information about the different evacuation routes through Burma
  • A letter from Mackrell to his family, 13th of February 1934
  • The diary of Mackrell from the 4th of June – 6th of October 1942
  • Letters between Mackrell and Rossiter and Rowland
  • Letters from Milne and Manley to Mackrell
  • Information from Brigadier Whitworth about the rescue of the Rowland Party
  • Letters from various members of Rowland’s party to Mackrell
  • Letters to and from Mackrell about the rescue to the Rowland Party
  • An extract from the Assam Regiment Club Newsletter, 1954
  • Extract from the Forgotten Frontier.
  • A letter about Mackrell receiving an award
  • News article about awards received for the evacuation of Burma
  • News articles about Mackrell’s marriage and obituary
  • Mackrell’s death certificate
  • Notes on Mackrell and tea planting
  • Extract from how the military came to Digboi, Upper Assam, in 1941
  • Notes about Mackrell’s rescue of the Rowland Party
  • Tour diary of Routledge in 1945/46
  • Letters to Mr Annan
  • Notes on the North East Frontier and the part played by officers of the Indian Police in its administration and development, by Walker.

Folder 2 –

  • Roll of Indian Police officers 1861-1947
  • Notes about Ledo Road
  • Photos taken by Lambert in 1935-1936
  • Notes on Lambert and the evacuation of the Chinese 5th Army
  • Report on the evacuation of the Northern and Eastern Districts of Burma by routes leading to Northern Assam, Letters to and from Lambert
  • Letters about Lambert receiving an award
  • An extract from a Japanese agent in Tibet
  • A typescript by Forman about Lambert
  • Diary extracts from Wilkie, Clarke and McGuire
  • Letters about Lambert
  • An extract from ‘To guard my people’ by Lambert
  • A letter extract from Lambert
  • A letter about Lambert
  • A news article about Lambert

Folder 3 –

  • Papers from North and McGuire
  • Information about evacuation routes through Burma
  • The evacuation of the Chinese 5th Army by Lambert
  • Diaries and reports from the appendix of the Report on evacuation of the Northern and Eastern districts of Burma leading to Northern Assam by the Pangsau route.
  • News article about awards given for the evacuation of Burma
  • Diary entry about the Chinese Army
  • Notes from Lambert’s obituary.