Archive / Papers / Heaney Papers: Box 8


  1. Memoir: written by Magda Hammersley-Smith: ‘A great grandmother remembers’. Written in 1970. 234pp., photographs; 5pp appendix. A very lively account of life in India by Mrs. G.F. Heaney’s mother who lived in India as an Army wife from 1908-13, and on the N.W.F.P. and Kashmir from 1920-23 and from 1927-29. A perceptive, sensitive and humourous account of life in India in the context of her life and family.
  2. Letters from Mrs. G.F. Heaney to her parents in England, 1931-32, 1937-38, when she and her small son accompanied her husband on Survey work. From Burma, Nagpur C.P., in camp and on tour in remote areas. 20pp.
  3. Letters written from Mrs. G.H. Heaney to her husband from Gulmarg and Trunkhal, Kashmir, 18 July 1942 – 12 Agust 1942, when camping and climbing with her children. Details of daily life, camping, marching, flowers, country, etc. 36pp.