Archive / Papers / Heaney Papers: Box 6


  1. Folder: ‘India: descriptive and historical’.
    • Copy of TS article ‘An episode on the Frontier’ by Brigadier G.F. Heaney. 7pp.
    • Letter from G.F. Heaney from Rezu, Eastern Bengal, 20 January 1921 describing a Khedda Camp. 8pp.
    • TS articles: ‘Christmas Shoot near Ramshai, Jalpaiguri District Bengal’, 1924. Calcutta 1925, illustrated by photographs and plans. 21pp.
    • Tales of Trans-Frontier Exploration. Adventures of the Pundit’ I and II by Surfield. 9pp.
    • ‘Moonlight and misses: a duck shoot near Delhi’ by Surfield. 5pp.
    • ‘Travelling tales from Old Tibet’ by Surfield. 5pp.
    • ‘The finding of Tengri Nor’: an epic of adventure and hardship. 9pp.
    • ‘A Tibetan Goldfield’, by Surfield. 5pp.
    • ‘A Tall Story’. 1p.
  2. Folder containing draft stories, not published.
    • ‘The Fourth Generation’. 29pp.
    • ‘The price of doubt’. 14pp.
    • ‘Away of escape’. 18pp.
    • ‘The haunted grove’.10pp.
  3. Folder: First attempt, book on Burma and draft articles.
    • A motoring tour in Burma (i) 7pp.
    • A motoring tour in Burma (ii) 7pp.
    • A motoring tour in Burma (iii) 6pp.
    • Wasteful cultivation: an urgent problem. 7pp.
    • Journal of a short Survey tour, (December 1937). 22pp.
    • The betrayal of Toby. 4pp.
    • First draft of Burma book: ‘A Surveyor in Burma’. 27pp.
  4. Folder: Letters to The Times and Reviews. Letters on the Height of Everest: review Historical Records of the Survey of India, Vol. III 1815-30. Two poems. 13pp.