Archive / Papers / Heaney Papers: Box 4


  1. ‘Through historic India by car’. TS account of journey made by car from Delhi to Firozabad, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Bharatpur, Jaipur, Amber, Ajmer, Udaipur. Illustrated with photographs. 33pp. 38 photos (bound).
  2. ‘A tour in Thayetmyo District’. November 1929. TS account illustrated with photographs, of a tour by car. 23pp. 17 photos (bound).
  3. ‘Journeys late 1929 and early 1930’: Banmauk to Vyu, etc. TS account illustrated with photographs and map. 29pp. 33 photos; map(bound).
  4. ‘Through the Southern Shan States’: Summer 1930 TS account illustrated with photographs. llpp.12 photos (bound).
  5. File: ‘Chindwin material’
    • An episode on tour; by Surfield. TS., 20pp.
    • Tour in the Somra Tract, November 1930. 19pp & 18pp (2 copies).
    • On the trail in Upper Burma, by Surfield. 4pp. Joined on to a letter from Brig. and Mrs. Heaney to Mrs. Heaney’s mother, from Helaw. 2pp.
    • e) ‘A trip to the Naga hills’ ? In two parts, pp. 1-7 and 1-12. TS.
    • Sidelights on Burma Surveys. (Mainly of hunting and animals) TS. 14pp.
    • ‘The picturesque Chindwin’. TS. 3pp.
    • ‘Topographical surveying in Burma’. TS. 9pp. some not consecutive.
    • ‘Spring in Central Burma’. 2pp. (Published in Rangoon Gazette April 1930)
    • ‘Mist and Misses: a duck shoot in Upper Burma’, by Surfield. 6pp.
    • ‘On the Chindwin River: Sternwheelers and rafts’. 5pp.
    • ‘An episode on tour’ by Surf field. 23pp.
    • Letter from Brigadier Heaney to Mrs. Heaney 21 February 1931, describing a tiger shoot. 4pp.
    • Tour in The Somra Tract, November 1930. 5pp.
    • Letter from Brigadier Heaney from The Chindwin,. 6 January 1932 about life on survey etc. app.
  6. File: ‘Papers on the Ali Ahmed case (1931)’
    • Telegram of congratulation on escape from Chiragh Shah from a former colleague.
    • Judgement in the case King Emperor vs. Ali Ahmed. Appendix. Describing the attempted murder. 2pp.
    • Letter, 24 April 1931, from Brigadier Heaney to his mother about disturbances between the villages and survey teams. Describes the attempt on his life by Ali Ahmed, and the vicissitudes of survey life. 4pp.
    • d) Letter, 30 April 1931, to ‘Colonel’ about the Ali Ahmed attempt. lp.
    • TS report from G.F.H. to the Director, Burma Circle, Survey of India, Maymo on the Ali Ahmed case. April 1931. 4pp.
    • Another copy. 4pp.
  7. TS article: ‘Attempted Murder’ by Surfield. 16pp.