Archive / Papers / Darling, M.L. Papers: Box 1


Papers of Sir Malcolm Lyall Darling, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1904; Tutor and Guardian to His Highness the Raja of Dewas 1907; Financial Commissioner, Punjab 1936.

Assorted documents about Malcolm Darling’s birth, early childhood and parents, 1897-1908

  1. Folder containing 4 letters about MLD’s mother’s portrait by Eddes 1877.
  2. Folder of family pedigrees: Darlings, Fords, Fentons, Lyalls, Rookes.
  3. Folder of MLD’s father’s letters, 1 September 1887-18 August 1893.
  4. Etoniana 1897-1926.
  5. MLD’s Diary of Jubilee Week 1897.
  6. Letters of congratulation on MLD’s birth 1880; letters from his mother 1892-1898; letters about MLD’s Tripos result and Civil Service Career 1901-1904; is mother’s (MMD) last letters 1912; one letter 1908; copy of list in Testamentary book November 1906-1908.