Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 27


  1. Envelope containing:
    1. 42 letters to Edward Benthall, relating to his work as Session Judge in Burdwan and Calcutta, 1833-1852
    2. Circular to members of the Civil Service (c.1845) about collection of funds for the foundation of a university scholarchip at Cambridge in recognition of the service of C.W. Le Bas. 3pp.
    3. Samachar Durpun (Nespaper in Bengali and English), 3 July 1852. 2pp.
    4. General list of Dak bearers’ stages on the principal roads in Bengal, and the North Western Provinces. c.1840, 4pp. List showing distances along roads (in miles, furlongs and poles) on routes between major cities and towns.
    5. Hand-drawn map: ‘1857. Plan of Berhampore drawn by Mr Stevens, copied by CB’ [Clementina Benthall]. Colour map showing layout of barracks and environs. Includes a list of residents of the barracks buildings.
    6. Hand-drawn map showing main districts and populations of Moradabad and Rampoor administrative districts. n.d. (c.1850).
  2. Envelope containing accounts and letters relating to church affairs in Jepore (Jaipur), 1846. Papers cover funds for the building of a parsonage and a clock, the appointment of a clergyman and funds for his passage. 22pp.
  3. Envelope containing 19 letters to Sir Edward and Clementina Benthall regarding personal matters and domestic arrangements.
  4. Envelope marked ‘Official papers connected with the career of E. Benthall 1826-55’ containing:
    1. Counterpart covenant of Mr Edward Benthall, writer at the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal. 27.10.1826 Contract setting ouut terms and conditions of Benthall’s employment
    2. Pass certificate for examination in Hindi, 22 July 1830
    3. Balance sheet for financial account, 1835-1849
    4. Share certificate for Rs 6,000 in the East India Company, 1856
    5. Letter informing E. Benthall of his promotion to Magistrate, April 9, 1936
    6. Letter, E. Benthall to Thomas Waterfield, informing him of Benthall’s imminent departure for Bengal, n.d.
    7. Five letters and papers relating to Benthall’s request for home leave, 1839
    8. Five letters and official papers relating to E. Benthall’s return from home leave in 1841
    9. Letter from James Anderson, MD, offering opinion that Benthall needed moving from Jessore to a drier climate, 27.1.1845
    10. Letter appointing Benthall to Additional Session Judge in Nuddea and East Burdwan, 27.2.1847
    11. Letter excusing Benthall from his duty to hear a case due to a past financial dealing with the accused, 11.9.1948
    12. Doctor’s note excusing Benthall from work, March 1849
    13. Two letter, 23.9.1952 and 16.12.1852, from Benthall’s doctors stating that he should be sent away from India for two years on account of his continuuing ill health
    14. Note from E. Benthall to anonymous recipient announcing his intention to retire on the grounds of ill health
    15. Letter, I. Jackson to E. Benthall offering advice about his health. 10.9.1852
    16. Certificate of ill-health recommending a two-year leave of absence in the Cape of Good Hope. 1012.1852
    17. Letters granting leave of absence, 7.1.1853, and continuation of salary during that leave, 18.2.1853
    18. Letter of appointment as Civil and Session Judge, East Burdwan. 21.10.1854
  5. Envelope containing a report on cattle stealing in Bengal, 1837, written by Edward Benthall. Also contains copy of original. Do not use the original or remove from its protective plastic envelope as it is extremely fragile and will disintegrate if touched.
  6. Folder containing notes on evidence given in cases tried by Edward Benthall. Notes for 30 cases are included, 1852-1855
  7. Two books of notes and statistics from trials