Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 24


  1. Pamphlet: ‘History of the War Transport Department, July 1942 to October 1945’, (Government of India, 1946) 110pp.
  2. Supplement to The Whip, November 15, 1937: ‘Builder of a better Bengal’ in commemoration of Sir John Anderson’s governorship of Bengal. 83pp.
  3. <–! The repair on the cover of this magazine was made using acid-free tape. There is no need to replace it –>

  4. Newspaper cutting of new year’s honours list in which E.C.B. receives knighthood
  5. Two personal letters
  6. Offprint: Sir Edward Benthall, ‘A record of the British business community in India’, Paper read at the eighty second annual general meeting of the East India Association (India, Pakistan and Burma) at Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, SW1, July 7, 1949. (3 copies)
  7. Pamphlet: Sir Edward Benthall, ‘Business careers’, Appointments and Information Board, Calcutta University. Career Lecture Series, No 5, 31 January, 1939. 20pp.
  8. Pamphlet: Stephen Garvin, ‘India: a survey for British industrial firms’, (Federation of British Industries, 1956).49pp.
  9. Pamphlet: The India, Pakistan and Burma Association, ‘A report on conditions in India and Pakistan’ (IPBA, London, 1959). The report is made up of extracts from the tour notes of Sir Percival Griffiths made in December 1958
  10. Pamphlet: ‘The political situation in India. Full report of the proceedings of an extraordinary general meeting of the European Association held in the Dalhousie Institute, Calcutta, on September 26th 1917’. 55pp.
  11. ‘A record of the British business community in India’ by Sir Edward Benthall, cutting from the Monthly Review, October 1949. 6pp.
  12. Pamphlet headed ‘European Association’ (n.d., 31pp.) with a list of contents:
  13. “The memorandum of the nineteen elected members of the Imperial Legislative Council
  14. The resolution of the Indian National Congress on Self-Government
  15. The late Mr Gokhale’s memorandum of Indian reforms
  16. Lord Islington’s speech at Oxford
  17. The announcement by the Secretary of State for India
  18. “Memorandum by Mr J.M. Keynes on proposals for the establishment of a State Bank in India”, submitted to the Royal Commission on Indian Finance, 1913. 31pp. with one additional introductory page.
  19. Command paper: ‘Memorandum of India Office balances’. Cmd. 6619, 1913.
  20. Command paper: ‘India (Cabinet Mission). Statement by the Cabinet Misison and His Excellency the Viceroy’. Cmd. 6821, 1946.
  21. Command paper: ‘India (Cabinet Mission).Correspondence and documents connected with the Conference between the Cabinet Mission and His Excellency the Viceroy and and representatives of the Congress and the Muslim League, May 1946’. Cmd. 6829, 1946.
  22. Command paper: ‘India (Cabinet Mission). Statement by the Misison dated 25th May in reply to pronouncements by the Indian Parties and memorandum by the Mission on States’ treaties and paramountcy’. Cmd. 6835, 1946.
  23. Command paper: ‘India Cabinet Mission. Correspondence with the Congress Party and the Muslim League, 20 May – 29 June 1946’. Cmd. 6861, 1946.
  24. Command paper: ‘India (Cabinet Mission). Papers relating to
    • The Sikhs,
    • The Indian States, and
    • The European Community
    • May-June 1946′. Cmd. 6862, 1946.

    • Parliamentary debates (Hansard), Vol. 425, No. 179. Thursday 18th July, 1946
    • The London Gazette, Number 28711, Friday 18 April, 1913
    • ‘Copy of paper, including communications which have passed between the Secretary of State for India and the Government of India, regarding the question of the establishment of a mint for the coinage of gold in India’, 1913. 67pp.
    • Government of India, Finance and Commerce Department. Statistics and commerce report to Secretary of State. No. 324 of 1903.
    • Report of the Committee appointed to Inquire into the Indian Currency (Indian Currency Committee, 1898). C. 9390, 1899.
    • ‘Proceedings of the Council of the Governor General of India …’ Proceedings of Council meeting, 20 March 1904, Government House, Calcutta