Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 23


  1. Three copies of The Asiatic Review:
    1. Vol. XLII, No. 149 (January 1946), including an article by E.C.B. – ‘Transport in India in war-time’
    2. Vol. XLIV, No. 160 (October 1948), including ‘Lord Mountbatten on his Viceroyalty’ and Sir Claude Auchinleck, ‘The British-Indian Army: the last phase’
    3. Vol. XLV, No. 164 (October 1949), including an article by E.C.B. – ‘A record of the British business community in India’
  2. U.S.I. Journal Vol. LXXXVI, No. 362, including articles by Montgomery and Balwant Singh
  3. Pamphlet: ‘The memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey commemorating the work of the Civil Services of the Crown in India, 1858-1947’, (India Civil Service (Retired) Association, n.d.), 24pp.
  4. Reports and agenda for meetings of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce.