Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 2


  1. File No.3. December 1931 – July 1932:

    Business and political correspondence. Artificial ghee – Jute Mills – journey to England on leave – interview with Gandhi in Bombay – arrest of Gandhi – Inchcape’s illness, possible death and the resulting effect on shipping shares – appointment to the Consultative Committee of the Round Table Conference – return to Calcutta – resolution passed by the Bombay Chamber of Commerce, 6 January 1932 – Lord Cable’s Estate – financial affairs of Bird & Co. – India Publications Limited with list of firms supporting it – financial problems of W.L. Carey – staff shortage – Hindu and Moslem tension – notes and supports on coal mines – Chartered Bank of India – Calcutta Electrical Supply Corporation – U.K. tarriffs – draft accounts of F.W. Heilgers & Co. and Bird & Co. – East African Investment Co. Ltd. – Anglo South American Bank.

  2. File marked ‘Gandhi’. 1931:

    Various papers, notes and letters from and about Gandhi. Also Birla, Sir Maurice Gwyer, Sir Hubert Carr, Sir P. Thakurdas, Ramsay Macdonald – London, October 1931 – Newspaper cuttings about Gandhi.

  3. File marked ‘1931-1932, chronologically arranged from back to front’:

    Correspondence relating to the Round Table Conference where Benthall served on a sub-committee to consider Financial and Commercial safeguards. Also on meetings with Gandhi in London. Others such as Birla, Mody, Sapru, Sir Hubert Carr, the Prime Minister (Ramsay Macdonald), the Aga Khan, Tegart; Mrs. Naidu, Lady Reading, Mrs. Subbarayan, the Viceroy (Willingdon) and many others connected with the R.T.C. in London. Gandhi’s visit to Eton.