Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 36


  1. File labelled ‘Sir E.C. Benthall, Political File, 1935 from October’.

    Subjects covered include: The Reserve Bank – E.B. invited to serve on Company Law Committee by Sir Nripendranath Sircar – the Vickers’ proposals presentation to Sir Hubert and Lady Carr at Claridges Hotel in London; elections of the Directors of the Reserve Bank – formation of a Constitutional Party: the European viewpoint – the establishing of an Indian Institute of International Affairs – employing A.D. Curtis-Miller – conversations with Sir James Grigg on the need for reform at the centre as being of the utmost importance. 200pp.

  2. File No. 2A, September to November 1935:

    Business correspondence concerning coal mines, jute mills, railways, government interventions into industries, engineering works, Company Law Reform. 450pp.

  3. ‘Families in India’. Bound TS history of the Benthall family in India, written as a document for the family in 1999-2000. 116pp., maps.