Archive / Papers / Benthall: Box 5


  1. File containing correspondence from the year 1933 while E.B. was in England.

    Contents: Advertising in Star of India (Nazimuddin) – Reforms and income tax – central organisation of the Chambers of Commerce – Progress of the Joint Select Committee – Assam branch of European Associations opposition – Capital expenditure schemes (Runciman) – Cotton (India, Japan and Lancashire) – Morning Post letters against the White Paper’s proposed reforms – Anglo-Indians and domiciled Europeans – Northern Indian Commercial Seat – The Reserve Bank. 241pp.

  2. File marked ‘Special political memoranda summer 1933’.

    Contents: Political memoranda on the proposals for Indian constitutional reform relating to the Reserve Bank of India, Chambers of Commerce, commercial safeguards. Also memoranda relating to the Thirteenth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire in July. 153pp.