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B&W. 6:25min. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. c. 1930s. Film made by Col. George Cras ‘ter, Chief Staff Officer in Jaipur State, 1931-35. Jotwara: Mary Craster in Indian dress, on the verandah. Jaipur: the road to Amber; street scenes, and bathing place below Amber. Bundi: women at the well; street and market scenes. Mrs. Craster being carried in a palanquin to the Rajah ‘ s palace. Old Rajput head Armourer. Views of the Palace. Bazaar and bathing scenes. Scenes at a well with bullocks drawing water. Village scenes. Indian women spinning. Jotwara (Jhotwara): Mary Crasster and foal, pony being led by Phul Singh (head syce). Jaipur: game of polo, including scenes of Hamut Singh.


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