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B&W. 10:41min. Jotwara; Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. c. 1930s. Film made by Col. George Cras’ter, Chief Staff Officer in Jaipur State, 1931-35. Jotwara (Jhotwara): tank irrigation and ghats; women carrying water from the ghats. Mary Craster playing with pigeons. Views of Toda Rai Singh. Scenes of a Rajput wedding. Garden scenes. Jaipur: Rambagh Palace. Hunting party with hounds. Venture with G.C. (MF.h) with H.H. Maharajah, Sawai Man Singh II. Jotwara (Jhotwara): stables. Bazaar scene. Jaipur: procession. Intertitle: ‘Jobner and the Thakur Sahib’. Harnessing and ox-cart and fording a stream. A garden turret. Jotwara (Jhotwara): ‘Pushka fair, Rajputana’ – large groups of women getting holy water from the temple water tank. Scenes of a holy man (Sadhu) and of the ‘Ornament market’. (film with captions)


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