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B&W. 9:48min. Rajasthan, India. c. 1930s. Film made by Col. George Cras’ter, Chief Staff Officer in Jaipur State, 1931-35. Scenes of villagers going to the fair (market) on foot or by cart. Highly decorated elephants with ornate howdahs leading the procession. Scenes of Naga dancers and of an elephant draped in silver embossed armour. Intertitle: ‘Moghal Standards given to Raja Mansingh of Amber by the Emperor Akbar (1556-1605)’. Jotwara (Jhotwara) garden scene. Jaipur temple – ‘A Shivju Shrine and its guardian’. Irrigation methods with the help of bullocks drawing water from a well in leather bags. Various scenes of a Bhano Saptami (Surya Saptami/Sun God) procession. Jotwara (Jhotwara): Rajput dancers. Groups of Indian women. General views of the Bhano Saptami procession. (film with captions)


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