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  • Anderson, F.G.H. Papers
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    F.G.H. Anderson, I.C.S. Given by Mrs. H. Harvey. India general: 1929-1937 Box 1 British ideals and Indian politics, by a member of the Indian Civil Service, recently retired. London, the […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 11
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    B&W. 4:31min. England. c. 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. (Tiverton) European wedding. Wedding scenes of the bride and groom, the priest, and of the guests. Garden scene: a couple posing for the […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 10
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    B&W. 4:20min. Merala (Marala), India (Pakistan). 1936. Filmmaker unknown. (Brander – Darby) European wedding. British and Indian guests. The bridal group portrait filmed in a garden. Camel train and porters […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 9
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    B&W. 4:28min. Location unknown, India (Pakistan?). 2 April 1936. Filmmaker unknown. (Hargreaves-Martin) European wedding attended by Indian guests. Arrival of the bride; bride and groom after the wedding ceremony; the […]