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  • Lyall Papers
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    Small Collections Box 15 Given by Lady C. Matheson TS copy of a diary kept by Harriet Lyall on a journey from Calcutta to Egypt and to Athens, 18 November […]
  • Cameron Papers
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    Given by Mrs. K. Cameron Microfilm No. 64 Bombay, Burma, Malay 1842. TS copy of A Voyage to the Far East in 1842: the journal and letters of Robert Binning: Greenock […]
  • Jacob Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 11:16min. England. India. c.1930s-1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Farwell party on a pier. Entrance to the Suez Canal. De Lesseps statue. Simon Arzt store and Eastern Exchange Hotel, Port Said. A […]