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  • Rose, J.L. and A.L. Papers: Box 3
    Archive: Papers
    Papers of J. Leslie and Angus Rose. Large collection of letter books containing correspondence relating to personal affairs, especially the management, maintenance and condition of their home in Blairgowrie, Scotland. […]
  • Kendall Collection – Film 4
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    B&W. 7:58min. Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India; Scotland.1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Nancy Vernede with dachshund. Governor’s visit to school: Head of school dressed in surplice and mortarboard greets Governor […]
  • Barclay Collection – Film 5
    Archive: Films
    B&W. 2:38min. Scotland. India. 1929 – 1930. Film made by I. C. Barclay. Scotland: picnic, fishing, golf. Journey to India by steamship.North West Frontier Province (Kajuri Plain?), India (Pakistan): machine […]