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B&W. 7:58min. Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India; Scotland.1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Nancy Vernede with dachshund. Governor’s visit to school: Head of school dressed in surplice and mortarboard greets Governor (possibly Sir Harry G. Haig and Lady Haig) in full dress. Governor takes salute of march past of cadets – scouts. Governor and wife drive away. Nancy Vernede with syce and horse at Naini Tal. View of hills and mountains behind bungalow. Train station scene – Kendalls waiting while sitting in shade. Ships in harbour. Kaiser-i-Hind leaving. Shots of Suez Canal – pilot coming on board. Scenes of Marseilles; Gibraltar. Scotland: golf tournament. Young mother (possibly Barbara Donaldson, nee Kendall) with young baby.


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