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  • Rushbrook-Williams Papers
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    Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams Given by Mrs. E. Potts India general 17 Newspaper cuttings from mainly English newspapers, reporting Rushbrook Williams’ addresses mainly on the Indian Princely States 1918-1963. 16 […]
  • Holland, R.E. Papers
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    Sir Robert E. Holland Given by Philip Mason ‘The Indian states’, by Sir Robert E. Holland: draft chapters TS, bound in two volumes. Volume I, Chapters 2-6, and Volume II, […]
  • Corfield Papers
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    Given by Sir Conrad Corfield Punjab, Delhi, Baluchistan, Western Indian States, Rajputana, Hyderabad, Simla Hill States 1921-1947 TS copy of autobiographical memoir:┬áThe Princely India I knew Preamble on the Indian […]