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  • Johnson, G. Papers
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    Given by Dr Gordon Johnson Dr Gordon Johnson. Lecturer in Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge from 1974; Director, Cambridge University Centre of South Asian Studies from 1983-2001; President, Wolfson College, […]
  • Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 4
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    A report on the Subah or Province of Chhattisgarh written in. A.D.1820 by Major P. vans Agnew. 1922. Notes suggested from a perusal of Sir John Malcolm’s Revenue Report on […]
  • Hardy, R. Papers
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    Lent by Dr. Ruth Hardy. Nagpur Diocese C.P. 1937-1947 The Nagpur Diocesan Magazine: a quarterly record of Church work. Vols. XLV – LVI. January 1937-October 1947. In four volumes.This is […]
  • Interview: R.K. Patil
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