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  • Maude Papers
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    Small Collections Box 17 Given by Dr R.M.S. Rice. Photocopy of the first chapter of a memoir by Constance Maude. This gives her recollections of childhood in Bangalore between 1888 […]
  • Studd Collection – Film 10
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    B&W. 12:06min. Mysore State (Karnataka), India. Date unknown. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Tiger at a private zoo (?). Working elephants: transporting and sorting wooden logs (teak) -possibly Rangoon.
  • Studd Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 14:06min. Mysore State (Karnataka); Tamil Nadu, India. 1928. Film made by Sir Eric Studd. Zoo sceens. Village and river scenes filmed from a car. Indian women carrying water in […]