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  • Rawding Papers: Box 6
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    Given by Major Rawding Account books of the Maharana of Mewar conducted by private banking agencies in Udaipur: 2 long leather bound books, 2 smaller loose leafed bundles of paper […]
  • Pinhey, A.F. Papers: Box 5
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    Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey Given by Mr J.L.G. Pinhey ‘History of Mewar’. By Lieutenant-Colonel A.F. Pinhey. Calcutta, Superintendent, Government Printing, India, 909 [i.e. 1909]. Printed. Photocopy. Memorandum […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 7
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    B&W. 2:20. Mewar (?), India. c.1930s. Filmmaker unknown.Various competitions attended by a large British and Indian audience. Weight (stones) lifting. Cattle show. Camel show. Tent pegging. Musicians and dancers, including […]