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  • MacGregor-Fairlie
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    A small collection from Rex MacGregor-Fairlie. Donated by Mrs N. MacGregor Fairlie. Small Collections Box 16 Kulu: A booklet of information for travellers, by J.W. Fairlie (father of R. MacGregor Fairlie) 6 […]
  • Corfield Collection – Film 2
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    B&W. 13.58min. Simla (Shimla), Himachal Pradesh; possibly Rewa; Indore (Madhya Pradesh), India. c.1934-38. Film made by Sir Conrad Corfield. Views of Simla and Annandale. ‘On the way to Naldera’: European […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 6
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    B&W. 3:42min. Simla (Shimla), Himachal Pradesh, India. c. 1930s. Filmmaker unknown. Barot and Simla horse show. Going up a funicular railway. Shepherd playing flute. Woman in traditional dress. Garden party. […]