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B&W. 13.58min. Simla (Shimla), Himachal Pradesh; possibly Rewa; Indore (Madhya Pradesh), India. c.1934-38. Film made by Sir Conrad Corfield. Views of Simla and Annandale. ‘On the way to Naldera’: European women being carried in hand-drawn carrts. Simla: views of the Mall and the Viceregal Lodge with liveried staff saluting. Indian acrobat performing in a village. ‘Nagpanchmi Wrestling Competition’ and awards ceremony attended by a large audience. Shikar – scenes of hunting preparations and trekking on elephants. Short scene of Indian Prince next to his car and surrounded by elephant beaters. Dashera Parade (possibly at Rewa Fort). Scenes of sardars and Indian officers attending the opening of the Raj Parishad (State Council). Scene of ‘Maharaj Kumar’. ‘The V.C. Race’. Residency at Indore. Crossing Son river on elephants. Bow and arrow shooting. The Cheonti Fort and Falls. Scenes of Banas river. 
(film with captions)


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