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  • Siebel Papers
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    K.S.E. Siebel Given by O.L. Gibbon Small Collections Box 21 Two MS notebooks on Folklore in Ceylon, dated at Kandy 1935 and 1936.
  • Salmon, W.H.B. Papers: Box 2
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    Papers of Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon. Given by Colonel W.A. Salmon (son) Punjab, U.P., Baroda, Bombay: 1901-1930 Papers collected and written by Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon while serving in the […]
  • U.V.G. Betts: Box 2
    Archive: Papers
    Loose-leaf file containing notes on anthropology and folklore. Loose-leaf file containing 35 stories of Naga folklore.