Archive / Papers / Salmon, W.H.B. Papers: Box 2


Papers of Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon.

Given by Colonel W.A. Salmon (son)

Punjab, U.P., Baroda, Bombay: 1901-1930

Papers collected and written by Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon while serving in the Indian Army (99th Deccan Infantry S. and T. Corps). Lt. Colonel Salmon maintained a deep interest in Indian religions throughout his career.

File 3

  1. MS notes on Dihwar. 3pp.
  2. Newspaper cutting from The Pioneer, 21 July 1926 – article on Ghosts and Godlings: folklore and superstition in Northern India.
  3. Botanical notes. 2pp.
  4. Scribbled notes.
  5. TS extract from Census of India 1901, Vol. IV, Report by B.C. Allen, Chapter IV, Religion, with additions and emendations by W.H.B. Salmon. 20pp.
  6. TS extract from Census of India 1901, Vol. VI, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Chota Nagpur, and Native States: Kuch Bihar – Hill Tippera, Sikkhim + 26 Tributary States of Orissa and Chota Nagpur. Page 181 et seq. Hindu Sects and Godlings, by E.A. Gart. 40pp.
  7. TS and MS extract from Census of India 1901, Volume XIX Central India Part 1. Report by Captain Eckford Luard – Forms of Worship in Central India. 48pp.
  8. Photograph of a sadhu Upasmi Baba Joshi Brahmin with address.
  9. Card published by the Central Jain Publishing House entitled Jain Motto Card Series No. 1. Pure Thoughts, a rosary of 12 beads.
  10. Jain Motto Card Series No. 2. Ten Golden Rules for a Jaina Layman.
  11. Part of Census Report: Central India and Bundelkund, Minor forms of worship and reverence, p.73-96-B with emendations and notes by W.H.B. Salmon.
  12. 3pp of MS notes on Religion.
  13. TS letter from C.M.J. Simmons in the 99th Infantry to Colonel Salmon, 8 November 1926 about his wish to read in Oxford on Indian religion during his furlough. Mentions Professor Macdonnel, E.J. Thompson and Dr. Morison.
  14. M.S. notes on the Psychology of Primitive Beliefs. 3pp.
  15. Note on the Fivefold ritual of the Makara.
  16. 4pp of Introduction torn out of a book, probably the Rig-Veda.
  17. 8pp of miscellaneous pencil notes.
  18. Picture postcard of a street shrine, Poona City.
  19. Advertisement of Bibliotheca Jainica.
  20. Photograph of Captain Goddard E. Diamond from the Shri Jiva Daya Ghan Prasarak Fund, Bombay.
  21. 3pp of miscellaneous notes.
  22. Letter to Colonel Salmon from E.A. Watts on an article submitted for publication
  23. 5pp of miscellaneous notes.
  24. 8pp notes on various shrines.
  25. 5pp plans and sketches of temples.
  26. 2pp miscellaneous notes.

File 4

  1. Newspaper cutting from Daily Mail, 13 January 1930, article by the Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George on Jerry-building for a crash in India. 2pp.
  2. Newspaper cutting from The Civil Military Gazette, 23 March 1923. Causes of Indian Unrest, Lord Ronaldshay on clash of ideals.
  3. TS note on fasting in Hinduism. 2pp + copy.
  4. The Sikhs and the Government. Printed by Government Press, Lahore, November 1922. 7pp.
  5. MS note on Devi Worship written for Colonel Salmon by Chiringi Lalsahio dur Bahadur. 4pp.
  6. (a), (b), (c). 1 MS and 2 TS copies of an article on The Village Deities. 12pp. each.
  7. TS copy of notes on Vasangi Devji and Surya Narayana temple.
  8. TS list of the 100 names of God.
  9. (a) – (i) 14 examples of popular Hindu devotional pictures of Radha and Krisna etc.
  10. (a), (b) 2 newspaper cuttings from the Civil and Military Gazette: 9 November 1922, The Sikhs and the Government, Guru Nanak’s Birthday; 28 March 1923, Changing India.
  11. MS notes taken from various unacknowledged sources on Hindu religions, beliefs and practices. 34pp.
  12. TS notes on The Hindu Temples of Bombay. 12pp.
  13. TS list of Government holidays, Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals. 4pp.
  14. TS copy of a list of the 52 Peethasthans or sacred places in India with their names and provenances. 2pp.
  15. The Indian Witness, 17 February 1926, article on the legend of Devi Patan and the Tulsipur Mela. 2pp.
  16. TS list of the chief sacred places in India supplied by G.C. Chatterji, 20 September 1919. 3pp.
  17. Confidential report on Communal friction in United Provinces 1924, by H.R. Roe,. Assistant to Deputy Inspector General of Police, C.I.D., United Provinces. Printed Allahabad. 1pp. (Concerned mainly with Hindu/Muslim friction).
  18. Correspondence between Lt. Colonel J.C. Loch, O.C. 1/50th Kumaun Rifles and Lala Chiranji Lal Saha Rai Saheb Hon. Magistrate Jagirdar and Proprietor Dewaldhar Estate near Akmora, U.P. on the characteristics and customs of the Kumaon people. Long letter describing these in detail. September, December 1923. 7pp.
  19. TS notes on Religion in India; Hindus and Hinduism, and Hindus and other religions. 25pp.