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Papers of Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon.

Given by Colonel W.A. Salmon (son – see also Salmon, W.A. Papers)

Punjab, U.P., Baroda, Bombay: 1901-1930

Papers collected and written by Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon while serving in the Indian Army (99th Deccan Infantry S. and T. Corps). Lt. Colonel Salmon maintained a deep interest in Indian religions throughout his career.

File 1

  1. MS notes on Hinduism. 9pp.
  2. TS note on Hindu dating.
  3. MS notes on The Sama Veda Brahmanas.
  4. TS brief notes (3pp. + 3 copies) on three goddesses:-
    • Chinto purni Devi: District Hoshiarpur, Punjab.
    • Jowala Mukhi Devi: District Kangra.
    • Kangra Devi.
  5. MS note on worship of boundary Deities observed on 12 February, 1929, a few miles south of Poona.
  6. MS notes on: villages in the United Provinces, Bombay Presidency, Cochin Travancore and Malabar and Bengal. 3pp.
  7. MS notes on General Hinduism in the United Provinces. 3pp.
  8. MS note on the beliefs of the ordinary Hindu.
  9. TS notes and observations on the peoples of Sind taken from the Census Report 1901. 34pp.
  10. TS notes of the development of religious belief in India from the Census Report, Baroda, 1911. 22pp. Plus 10(a), TS notes on modern Hinduism. 26pp.
  11. TS notes on Hindu sects. the Jains, and other religions taken from the Census Report, Baroda, Part I by J.A. Dalal, Vol. XVIII, 1901. 26pp.
  12. Envelope with scribbled notes.
  13. TS notes on Terminology, mainly anthropological.
  14. Six pages from the Census Report 1901, Punjab, Vol. III

File 2

Large bound notebook entitled Notes on the Hindu Religion, comprising 29 printed pages, with an outline of Hindu customs etc., issued to Civil Servants for guidance; the rest of the book left blank, ruled for personal notes. Filled with Colonel Salmon’s very detailed notes on the same topic. (Includes loose pages of notes).


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