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  • Dash Papers: Boxes 2-5
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    ‘Memoirs: a Bengal diary,’ by A.J. Dash. Eleven volumes, TS bound, covering the years 1910-1951. TS copies of ‘The First Subdivision’ and ‘The Second Subdivision’ by Sir Arthur Dash together […]
  • Dash Papers: Box 1
    Archive: Papers
    Articles: ‘A foot in the door.’ ‘The First Subdivision.’ ‘Pakistan as it was in the beginning.’ ‘Tiger shoots.’ Note given by Sir Henry Twynam to Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, K.C.V.O., C.M.G. […]
  • Chapman, J.A.: Box 6
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    MS notebook of quotations entitled┬áThis English Language, by J. A. Chapman. Two MS notebooks entitled ‘D’s diary U.S.A.’ (Diary of visit to U.S.A. by Dora Ross). n.d. TS parody on […]