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  • Williams, V.F. Papers
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    Violet Fulford Williams Given by Mrs. R. Robertson Small Collections Box 25 ‘Under my Patch-Work Quilt’ by Violet Fulford Williams. Published privately by Mrs. Williams, 1968. Account of the life […]
  • Sharpe Papers
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    W. McC. Sharpe Microfilm No. 10 Report of the Dacca Riots Enquiry Committee. Alipore, Bengal, Bengal Government Press, 1942. 60 pp. and six appendices of 25 pp. In three parts: […]
  • Bell, F.O. Papers
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    Given by F.O. Bell I.C.S. Bengal: 1930-47 Small Collections Box 3 TS┬áRecord of life in the Indian Civil Service 1930-47, by F.O. Bell. Introduction and background training in England, first […]