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  • Haig Papers: Box 1
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    Given by G.A. Haig and Lady Haig ‘The first compulsory grain procurement exercise in the United Provinces for the Rabi crop.’ 1946. (Note by G.A. Haig.) Political background, land holdings, […]
  • Curry Papers: Box 4
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    Notes by J.C. Curry: Letter (copy) 24 November 1916 to V. Vivian, Assistant Director of Criminal Intelligence, Delhi, from D.I.G. of Police’s Office, Karachi on proceedings against Mahomed Hassan, tailor, […]
  • Curry papers: Box 3
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    Rules regulating the General Provident Fund (corrected up to the end of July 1919). ‘Note on criminal tribes in Sind (Sind C.I.D. 15 January 1917) with appendix.’ Sub-Inspector Karamchand’s notes […]