Archive / Papers / Haig Papers: Box 1


Given by G.A. Haig and Lady Haig

  1. ‘The first compulsory grain procurement exercise in the United Provinces for the Rabi crop.’ 1946. (Note by G.A. Haig.) Political background, land holdings, money-lending, famine relief. 6 pp.
  2. ‘United Provinces Government instructions on the 1946 grain levy. Details of the organization by the administration to cope with shortages of grains and other commodities in short supply.’ 101 pp.
  3. Note entitled ‘Bombs in the Legislative Assembly, Delhi, 1929’. Description of the incident taken from Lady Haig’s diary; political moves leading up to the incident. TS. 1p.
  4. ‘Party to meet Mahatma Ghandi (sic) Delhi.’ Description, of garden party and of Gandhi’s appearance and his supporters. TS. 1p.
  5. Notes partly taken from Lady Haig’s diary when Sir Harry Haig was Governor of the United Provinces, 1934-39. The notes are divided into the following headings:
  6. Visit to Gorakhpur: details of tour both social and official, November 1935. Installation of the new Raja, 1936. Delhi and Simla official functions, 1923. The Lee commission.
  7. Investiture, November 1924.
  8. Resignation of Sir Frederick Whyte as President of the Assembly to its first Indian President, Patel. August 1925. Opening of the new Council House New Delhi, 1927.
  9. A memsahib’s relations with Indian servants, 1908-39.
  10. Social relations with Indian ladies. Friendships made. Club for Indian and English women., 1930s.

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