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  • Johnston, R.H.G. Papers
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    R.H.G. Johnston Reminiscences of India, 1915-46 (stored in two boxes): Enlistment with 21st Punjabis C Battalion (Orakzais and Sikhs) Taule-Khajuri Kach fort (p.5) – skirmishing in South Waziristan 1917. Mahsuds […]
  • Blackwood, G.F.: Box 2
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    Despatches (newspaper) from Looshai Hills Expedition Leather bound notebook with pencil in which G. Blackwood made notes during the Looshai Expedition. Three empty envelopes; letter, undated, to his brother William; […]
  • Blackwood, G.F.: Box 1
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    Letter from William Blackwood H.E.I.C. (father of George B.) Lucknow 19 February 1835, to his mother about father’s death. (Received 23 July.) Letter from General Napier to Stewart about appointment […]
  • Augier Collection – Film 5
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    B&W. 12:43min. Tonk, Rajasthan, India. c. early 1940s. UK. Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka). 
 Film made by Douglas Augier. Tonk: Street procession; procession of bullock carts, some galloping; decorated cars; […]