Archive / Papers / Blackwood, G.F.: Box 2


  1. Despatches (newspaper) from Looshai Hills Expedition
  2. Leather bound notebook with pencil in which G. Blackwood made notes during the Looshai Expedition.
  3. Three empty envelopes; letter, undated, to his brother William; covering note to Orderly Room Sergeant; letter to G. Blackwood from J. Hills, 23 August; letter to G. Blackwood from Colonel Cave, 11 August 1870, about leaf insects; letter from F.E. Moore to Mrs. Blackwood about her brother’s illness (G. Blackwood’s uncle), Mussoorrie, 8 April 1870; letter from Colonel Raban about leaf insects, 24 November 1871; letter from Colonel Cave, 24 May 1871, about leaf insects.
  4. Log of first Cashmere trip 1869.
  5. Log of second Cashmere trip 1870; some letters received after G. Blackwood’s death put in back.
  6. Regulations of Queen’s Military Widows’ Fund, Simla 1873; rules and regulations of the Military Orphan Society, Calcutta 1866.
  7. Miscellaneous papers relating to service of Captain G.F. Blackwood.
  8. Statement of service of Captain G.F. Blackwood, 13 April 1872. MSS.
  9. Two letters (copies) from William Blackwood to Colonel E.B. Johnson R.A. Assistant Military Secretary Horse Guards: 16 October 1868 asking for an Adjutancy; Johnson’s reply 19 October 1868 saying he had forwarded it to General Archdale Wilson.
  10. Reference (copy) from Colonel Hammond R.H.A. 2 December 1867; two copies of testimonials from other officers, same date. Copies of testimonials 24 January 1868.
  11. Letter to Colonel Stewart 29 October 1862 from ?
  12. Letter of appointment to captaincy, 20 February 1867.
  13. Envelope containing copies of applications by G.F. Blackwood for Adjutancy and transfer in R.H.A., with replies and supporting letters, together with a statement of service 1858-62. 1860-68.